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  • Surprise

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Each year, we spend more on items for others than we do for ourselves. Since the beginning of this year, good friends got engaged, it was an old college buddy’s birthday, there was my mothers birthday, mothers day, my grandmothers birthday, an uncle, Valentine’s Day, 2 cousins birthday’s and another friend’s kid, whom I have known since his birth, had a christening…
Yao Idea shows you the right way!


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  • Tips to order flowers to China
  • thisflowersTips to order flowers to China: In YaoFlowers,For orders to China,You don’t need to translate the Chinese information into English information,Just send the delivery information in Chinese Characters,We can process it for you.

  • YaoFlowers Coupon Code on Feb,2016
  • The first time in YaoFlowers’ history,You can get a free bouquet to send to the same one next month if you use the code to order this month.

    The code is : Freemarch    (Learn about please click : http://www.yaoflowers.com/YaoFlowers-Coupons.asp )

    * This code is only available for orders  to send China Mainland.




  • Discovery the girls heart,what happend when they flirting or shopping


    When Jogging,Flirting,Surprise gift,shopping,eating spicy food,watching horror movie, Girls’ heart rate different.

  • Ping Ping An An,Best Gift to Chinese
  • How to experss the kind of feeling,like take cares,be good,or be safe?

    In china,Apple is one of the most popular and lucky fruits,it has the similar pronunciation with 平安 (Be safe,take care). Today,YaoFlowers,No.1 Florist in china online flowers market,has launched the perfect gift box:Ping Ping An An


    You can use the gift box to express your cares to any one,Trust me,Every one will like the gift box. It has been consist of 11 red roses,two apples and 3 cholocates and some baby’s breath

    At big days,like christmas eve,it is the perfect gift to any one,your girl friend,wife,your friends. In china,we call the christmas eve as 平安夜,this is why the gift box included apple would be the perfect gift.

    Take a look and learn more :  http://www.yaoflowers.com/china-florist/Pingan201388.asp

  • Guess,How many roses? From Chengdu Flowers Shop Center

    999-7 999-8  999-6 999-5 999-4 999-3 999-2


















    Guess,How many roses?And Imagine the face your girl get this bouquet?  Trust me,You won’t regret if you order the 999 super-big bouquet from YaoFlowers. YaoFlowers pays more attentions to the details, that is why people love YaoFlowers.

    999 Super-big bouquet,Girls love it :)   Contact us to know more : service@yaoflowers.com